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Who Is Better Off, North or South In Ireland?

29 April 2021

Those who bear ill-will to the UK like to bad-mouth Northern Ireland and wrongly suggest that it has a feeble economy propped up by British subsidies. In fact, the NI economy is quite competitive and support for public services under the generous UK-wide arrangements means that the people of NI enjoy higher living standards than in the Irish Republic. The low standards of the Republic are surprising given that it is world’s largest tax haven

Loyalists Have Been Left Feeling Betrayed & Unrepresented

15 April 2021

All they see from their politicians and the peace and reconciliation bandwagon is lies, deceit and no sense of direction, let alone anyone to express ordinary unionist-loyalist interests, anger and frustrations.

Republicans use the Irish language as a weapon in their ‘long war’ strategy

10 February 2021

From the 1890s onwards there has been a Republican drive to infiltrate the Gaelic movement and hijack it for their own political purposes, diverting it from legitimate cultural and scholarly study.