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The Northern Irish Should Have No Fears About Their Identity

22 June 2021

Northern Ireland came into existence for good reason, and for much of the last 100 years it was the beacon of science and industry and modern values on this island. It a rich, industrial and cultural history within a highly regarded global trading nation and punches well above its weight as part of the fifth largest economy in the world.

The Unification Of Italy & The Partition Of Ireland

20 May 2021

There has long been a tendency to view events in Ireland in splendid isolation, except for the intrusion of the malign British. This presentation hopes to alter that perspective by placing the partition of Ireland in a broader, pan-European perspective, in particular: the way that the unification of Italy (completed in the 1860’s) was seen as a direct attack by Italian nationalists (Risorgimento) on the Papacy.

Is This An Opportunity To Realign Unionist Politics?

13 May 2021

Statesmanship and principled leadership will have been forfeited to the wheeler-dealing of cluttered mindsets and frozen identities in a world of diversity. The tub-thumpers will continue to be bolstered by a fudged carve-up flavoured by resentment and back-pedalling into a cul-de-sac.